Group show of 22 artists in the Kiosk of AICA.

8th may - 19th june 2009


Ann Guillaume et Leylagoor, drawings, France (Paris)
Joaquim Valente, Vital, photography, Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
The Plug, A fine example of party, illustration, Belgium/Luxembourg (Arlon, Luxembourg)
Goran Popovic, Sound of Decay, photography, Serbia
Florence Lucas, Yann + Benjamin Rondeau, Zombies, drawings + text, France (Paris)
Toby Amies, untitled, photography, UK (London)
Emilie Salquèbre, untitled, photography, France (Nancy)
Rebecca Fanuele, Rosebud, photography, France (Paris)
Sébastien Cuvelier, Kids with no tv, photography, Belgium (Liège)
Aleksander Bochenek, El Raval, photography, Pologne (Krakow)
Sumo, Sumo, illustration, Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
Nina Pagaliès, Domestic articles, illustration, Allemagne (Berlin)
Yannick Baraquin, Essais, photography, Germany (Berlin)
Thierry Waltzing, untitled, photography, France (Strasbourg)
Marc Wilwert, Crime Scenes, photography, Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
Sven Becker, Pale exploding imitation, photography, Luxembourg (Luxembourg)
Eric Tabuchi, Red Station, photography, France (Paris)
Noëlle Grosso, Mute Sirens, photography, USA (New York)
Christophe Peiffer, Manifeste, illustration, Luxembourg (Luxembourg)

PUBLIKUM is originally a publication of a fantasised exhibition. It deals with both subjects, utopia and identity. 22 artists from all over the world met on a social network on internet participate in that project. Photographers and illustrators with their own medium have given their transcription of what is utopia and identity. The result of this flow of research and reflexion is now presented at the Kiosk. The multitude of artworks has circulated and finally has been fixed on pc screens in order to circulate on and present visions to fantasised public.

These artworks scroll like a lot of proposals, reflecting on spectators all the possible interpretations of both subjects, haunting and essential– evoking the ability to fix the limits of contemporary art and offering a multitude of issues for an actual societal structure, complicated and painful - a form of acceptation of human condition in a difficult context, a form of renewal of existentialism.
Guy Debord said in 1967 in Society of spectacle: “The alienation of the spectator, which reinforces the contemplated objects that result from his own unconscious activity, works like this: The more he contemplates, the less he lives; the more he identifies with the dominant images of need, the less he understands his own life and his own desires. The spectacle’s estrangement from the acting subject is expressed by the fact that the individual’s gestures are no longer his own; they are the gestures of someone else who represents them to him. The spectator does not feel at home anywhere, because the spectacle is everywhere.”
Referring this statement to contemporary art and beyond the form and the idea and the birth of the child PUBLIKUM, the fact is today that everyone can be distributed, and that is why everyone can be both an artist and a spectator. So one can wonder if talking about the value of artworks and their identity hasn’t become a utopia or if the values in general haven’t been moved.

PUBLIKUM @ Galeria Olympia, Krakow
09 april - 24 april 2010

Friends & Family @ Eva Hober Gallery, Paris
November 29th – December 19th 2013